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Oso Creek Project Update

At our CC Cycle Club Meeting on November 12, 2012, we introduced another project to enhance the Oso Creek Projects. Art Norman has been actively developing the Mountain Bike and Nature Trails in Oso Creek Park Section 2. Jason Comstock is designing a layout of trails and will be submitting a map to the city for approval. This is for an area about 1.25 miles along the Oso Creek starting at the south end of Cimarron Blvd and Legacy Point Road heading east. The stretch of park is divided by a large drainage ditch from Bill Witt City Park.

Once the design layouts are approved, the trails will be stakes and brush removal will begin. Tahoe Trucking will provide a backhoe and operator to begin debris removal for the new trails. This work may start as early as the end of November.

The Club will give another update in December concerning the status of this project. We will likely need some volunteers to help develop these trails.

Oso Creek Project Announcement [PDF]


One thought on “Oso Creek Project Update

  1. Have the trail maps been approved? When will they be out?

    Posted by Angela Price | March 13, 2014, 12:26 pm

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