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Corpus Christi, TX (August 10, 2012) – While national concern over the obesity epidemic grows, an innovative program designed to fight childhood obesity is coming to Corpus Christi, TX. The London Independent School will be implementing the CYCLE Kids curriculum, designed to teach 4 and 5th graders exercise and good nutrition through the fun of riding bicycles.

Since 2004, CYCLE Kids has offered a program proven to increase physical activity, nutritional intelligence, and social growth. Peter Staneland of Corpus Christi paired with the non-profit while running for them in the Boston Marathon in 2010. Inspired by the efficacy of the program that so mirrored his values, Staneland and the Corpus Christi Cycling Club raised all the funds necessary to bring CYCLE Kids home to Texas. The program begins on August 17th during the London Independent Elementary School’s physical education classes. Hundreds of children over the next several years will benefit from this generous gift.

Bringing together schools, community members, local police, and city leadership, the CYCLE Kids model relies upon and succeeds through community collaboration. CYCLE Kids provides the curriculum, bikes, and equipment; the community provides the space, time, and teachers. The curriculum includes bike safety, riding practice, nutrition education, and literacy. The program also offers a mentoring opportunity, connecting kids with police officers and other role models. 100% of CYCLE Kids programs are still up and running.

Research on the program has shown that of the children participating in CYCLE Kids, 25% will be learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, and those who complete the program retain the knowledge that eating well and exercising regularly will help them to live happy, healthier lives. These children become “Ambassadors of Change” as they bring the value of wellness home to their families.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to expand CYCLE Kids programming to Corpus Christi, and Texas.” says the Executive Director of CYCLE Kids, Julianne Idlet. “We are thrilled to have the children of the London Independent School District join the over 1,000 “CYCLE Kids” the program reaches each year!”

“Educating children about cycling will help promote fitness for an eternity,” Staneland says of the sea of change CYCLE Kids seeks to inspire. Another supporter of bringing CYCLE Kids to Texas, Gretchen Arnold, Director of the Pollution Prevention Partnership at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi agrees. “I am hopeful that this will encourage kids of today to enjoy an activity and lifestyle that will serve them well for many years to come.”

About CYCLE Kids

CYCLE Kids is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through an innovative, community-based educational program. Dedicated to reversing the current trends of childhood obesity, the CYCLE Kids curriculum teaches kids the importance of being physically active and making good nutrition choices. The curriculum, based on experiential and academic learning, enhances literacy lessons and creates an opportunity for mentoring. Using the simple joy of riding a bike, the program empowers children to develop positive, safe, and active lifelong habits. The program currently benefits at-risk populations in the greater Boston and New York City areas, and is expanding nationally.

About the Corpus Christi Cycling Club

The Corpus Christi Cycling Club is a non-profit organization involved in raising awareness of bicycling in their community. They promote cycling as a healthy alternative lifestyle for both recreation and transportation.

About the London Independent School District

L.I.S.D. is committed to the future of their children, preparing them to become productive, responsible members of society. The have pledged to prepare all students for the challenges and changes of the future.

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Julianne Idlet
CYCLE Kids, Inc.
5 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-661-0908




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