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Corpus Christi FrankenBike Bicycle Swap at House of Rock

The Corpus Christi Caller Times reports today of a ‘bike swap’ at the House of Rock from 12-5pm this Sunday, January 22nd, 2012. Unfortunately, in the caller times weekend edition, in the “Top 5 Things to do in Corpus Christi”, the event is listed for Saturday. I spoke to Gerald Alvarez, owner of the Spoke ‘n Cog Bicycle Shop, and he stated that was a misprint. The event is scheduled for SUNDAY, January 22nd from 12-5pm at the House of Rock, downtown on 511 Starr Street.

Similar to a “clothing swap”, FrankenBike takes its origins as a cycling ‘flea market’ where you can swap and trade bike parts. It’s also a great cycling social!

It’s open to the public and a free event. According to Mr. Alvarez’s facebook page:

“Frankenbike is not my event, it’s everyone’s. It’s only as successful as the people that participate in it make it. Bring your things, sell your things, and buy things from others. Frankenbike is a vehicle to get your own bike project started or completed.

Frankenbike is an open forum to meet like minded individuals and have a good time with bicycles. Spoke ‘n Cog is a business and is my gig. I am participating and coordinating Frankenbike – Corpus Christi, but Spoke ‘n Cog is not Frankenbike. I strongly encourage anyone from any other bike shop or entity to get involved. Thanks. Spoke ‘n Cog will be closed on Saturday. I will be at Frankenbike on Sunday.”

Spoke ‘n Cog Facebook Page
FrankenBike Bicycle Swap Event




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