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Maps for Area Rides Posted

There has been some inquiries concerning our area rides. I’ve provided maps for some of our rides with information for starting areas:

Saturday HEB Ride:

This ride begins at the old HEB on the corner of Saratoga and Everhart.

This ride has traditionally always started on Saturday mornings for the southside riders, but all riders are welcome.  There are a number of different groups including Janet’s group who take a variety of different routes (to the Base South Gate for example).  All level of riders are welcome.  The “A” group riders almost always head to Robstown and the River for a longer ride (up to 70 miles). 

There are a few options for travel on this ride.  Commonly it takes us down Everhart with a right on Yorktown through the Lakes community.  A left is then made on Weber traveling to 1694 (past the 2nd stop sign way out Weber).  This will take us to Robstown.  Some riders can head back to get in roughly a 2 hour ride.  If you go from Robstown to the River, the ride can be extended to about 4 hours.  The road back from the river is usually riden south to Corn Products rode (right) and left on Leopard with right down Old Corpus Christi road.  (See map for directions back, click to enlarge)

Lamar Ride to River/Wednesday Hammerfest

Lamar Park is located at the intersection of Alameda and  Doodridge.  This ride is scheduled for both Saturday and Sundays most weekends.  This is also the course we ride on Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 6pm for the Hammerfest.  The above map shows the Wednesday hammerfest course.  This ride turns short at Carbon Plant Rode.  The weekend rides continue North to the river extending the course an additional 10-12 miles.  This course is available to all level riders with C and D riders usually turning early.  There is always a group to ride home with on this route.

Sunday Bay Ride

The Sunday bay rides starts on St. Andrews Drive (5329) and is primarily a recovery ride and scenic spin along the Corpus Christi Bay.  This ride always starts a 7am.   This ride travels down Wooldridge to Rodd Field Road and down Ennis Joslin to Ocean Drive.  The turn is through the Water Gardens at the end of Ocean Drive traveling back along the same route.  Total ride time is 2 hours.

Monday Stripes Ride

The Monday Stripes rides begins promptly at 6pm on the corner of Yorktown and Everhart.  This rides extends down Yorktown to way out  Weber and has recently been extended to ride left down County rd 51.  All riders are welcome.



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