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Apology to Cycling Community-7th Annual Conquer the Coast

Dear Fellow Cyclists:

On behalf of STARRS, I would like to apologize for the confusion over the sign up discount at the Conquer the Coast registration party at Brewsters. STARRS did not create the marketing material that mentioned the sign up discount for the registration party that was held at Brewsters. STARRS was provided with the marketing material for the registration party and we forwarded the material to our members and to cyclists who are not members of STARRS.

STARRS, as a supporter and founding organization of Conquer the Coast, would never knowingly provide misleading information to our members or the cycling community. I personally expressed my dissatisfaction to the organizers of Conquer the Coast with the handing of the situation at Brewsters once it was discovered that the sign up discount was not as advertised. It is my belief that the marketing personnel involved with Conquer the Coast should have honored the advertised discount since it was their marketing material that caused the confusion.

Since we provided you, our fellow cyclists , with this marketing material, we apologize for accepting the material at face value. STARRS asks that you continue to support Conquer the Coast and participate in this event.




3 thoughts on “Apology to Cycling Community-7th Annual Conquer the Coast

  1. We may want to consider a different option next year with the Chamber and try and convince them to put full control back into the hands of the cycling community to promote this event year round. I recently saw an advertisement of the criterium in the Texas “Racing Post” magazine. It appears now that ALS is doing more to provide advertisement than the Chamber? As it stands now, the Chamber has alienated the cycling community concerning this wonderful event.

    Posted by bicyclecc | September 7, 2010, 5:02 am
  2. It was unfortunate that the promotional material highlighting the Early Registration Fee at the Signup Event last week was misinterpreted as an additional discount and created some frustration with a few people who came out to the event. As the voluntary chairman for the 2010 Conquer The Coast™, I assure you that our intent was to highlight the pre-registration price for the event.

    To imply that we would intentionally mislead the cycling community or any part of the community at large does a disservice to the entire steering committee for this event. This committee is comprised of volunteer members of the cycling community (STARRS, ALS-C3 and retail bike shops), TAMU-CC, various event sponsors and folks who want to see this event continue to grow. We are good people who want to grow this event and showcase our community.

    The current leadership of the Chamber of Commerce is committed to grow this event. The Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce takes the financial risk associated with organizing and hosting this event each year.

    One option to consider is to step up and volunteer to be a part of the committee that spends countless voluntary hours in the weeks and months leading up to this great event. If you would like to volunteer to be a part the 2010 event or to be a part of the committee for the 2011 event, please feel free to contact me through the Chamber of Commerce.

    The advertising for the criterium that was seen in the Texas Racing Post Magazine was accomplished by the great folks from ALS-C3 who are on the steering committee and was paid for by the Chamber. The event has also been advertised heavily in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and flyers and posters have also been shipped out to over 300 bicycle shops around the state. There have also been articles about Conquer The Coast™ written in the September issue of CC Magazine as well as the September issue of Texas Highways magazine. And finally, if you received your issue of Bicycling Magazine (the World’s Leading Bike Magazine), you will more than likely have seen that the Conquer The Coast™ was highlighted on page 30 of that issue on their “Cue Sheet” which is their guide to the best in cycling for the month.

    We continue to expect that the harder we work, the better this event will be. I look forward to seeing many people out on the 24th and 25th in support of this event.

    Posted by Sean Murphy | September 7, 2010, 4:13 pm
  3. “Join the No Hitters and No Quitters, 2010 Conquer the Coast Committee, at the official Sign up Party September 1st. Great incentives are in store for those who pre-register, cyclists will save $15 off the price of each race, special happy hour prices from Brewster Street Ice House, and you can WIN great prizes including Nolan Ryan autographed memorabilia, limited edition Conquer the Coast jerseys, items from Bay Area Bicycles, a free ticket to Wednesday night’s Hooks game and much more including your chance to have a signed 2010 Nolan Ryan Commemorative Conquer the Coast Jersey.”

    Posted by bicyclecc | September 9, 2010, 1:23 pm

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