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Cell Phone Records Checked on Suspect in Barb Savell’s Hit and Run Case

The Caller Times reported this morning that cell phone records are being reviewed in the suspect who is now questioned in the hit and run accident that left Barb Savell injured.

In an earlier post, the Corpus Christi Police department got some new leads in the hit and run accident that severely injured Barbara Savell in July 2009. Thecaller reported that a truck had been impounded matching the description of the truck that was involved in the hit and run accident. Since then, the CCPD impounded the truck that had a smashed hood that had been removed and placed along a garage at the 2800 block of a Lawnview home. The front headlight was missing and the front right fender was also damaged. The 27 year old son now owns the truck, but has failed to get it repaired since its been sitting in the back drive way for months. The CC police department has questioned both the son and mother. The husband, who is accused by his wife of driving the truck on the day Barb was struck, died 13 days after the accident from Liver disease at Spohn Hospital.

Cell phone records from July 10-12 indicated that the suspect was on the cell phone in the early morning hours of the day of the accident.  Barb Savell was struck around 8am on the morning of July 11th on Ocean Drive.  She was left for dead at the side of the road after being struck from behind and thrown off her bike at the site of the accident.  She sustained multiple internal injuries and broken bones. 

The suspect was due in for work at 8:30 am on the morning of the accident and did not show.  Other cell phone calls come from the suspects place of work the morning of the accident.



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