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Stage 6 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

The last and final stage called the Adelaide Street Circuit measures about 90km and should produce a fast finish.  The last stage provides exceptional excitement for the spectators because the riders loop the course 20 times.  All eyes will be on Andre Greipel’.   If Andre Greipel’ can stick to the finishers and even outsprint them in the end, he will be the second person in the history of this tour to win it twice and cap it off with 4 stage wins.

The last stage didn’t disappoint and  provided some exciting moments.  Team Sky came out on top with a one-two finish for Chris Sutton and Greg Henderson. However, the time gap was not enough to overtake Andre Greipel’ and he manages to finish on top as the overall winner of the 2010 Santos Tour Down Under with 3 stage wins to boot.   With an 11 second lead, only a crash could have stopped team HTC Columbia. 

The weather was lovely for this last stage and the peloton road mostly together.  Team HTC rode to keep Greipel at the front for most of the race.  Greg Henderson won the points at the first sprint stage with the peloton following closely behind. 

Thomas Rohregger, who was leading by 24 points, made a gutsy attack out of the peloton to finish in third place and secure 8 points to win the King of the Mountain competition.

Rob McEwen also managed a sprint win in lap 12 just ahead of Robbie Hunter and George Hincapie.  This sprint win put McEwen at third place overall for the race.  However, he slowed a bit by the end which resulted in an overall fourth place finish at the end of 20 laps. 

In the final breakaway, Wesley Sulzberger pushed the pace up to a 45 second lead in an attempt to take the overall lead, but the peloton slowly realed him back in with just a half a lap to go.  At this point, Sulzberger was in the lead overall by 6 seconds.  Everyone wanted to win the final sprint, and Team Sky had the perfect lead out with Ben Swift leading the push.  Andre Greipel’ was also in the lead out and managed to stay in the race in 5th place and win the overall classification.  He is the first winner of the Tour Down Under to wear the Ochre Jersey (Leader’s jersey) through all 6 stages and 3 stage wins overall. 

Race Results [Courtesy Daily Peloton]

Stage 6 – Results (Top 30)
Adelaide Street Circuit
90km – 1.53’20 – 47.647km/h
1.Christopher Sutton (SKY) 1.53’20
2. Greg Henderson (SKY) s.t
3. Graeme Brown (RAB) s.t
4. Robbie McEwen (KAT) s.t
5. Andre Greipel (THR) s.t
6. Allan Davis (AST) s.t
7. Matthew Goss (THR) s.t
8. Yauheni Hutarovich (FDJ) s.t
9. Gert Steegmans (RSH) s.t
10. Jose Rojas (GCE) s.t
11. Peter Sagain (LIQ) s.t
12. Jurgen Roelandts (OTO) s.t
13. Jonathan Cantwell (AUS) s.t
14. Baden Cooke (SAX) s.t
15. Robert Forster (MRM) s.t
16. Danilo Wyss (BMC) s.t
17. George Hincapie (RSH) s.t
18. Cadel Evans (BMC) s.t
19. Luke Roberts (MRM) s.t
20. Eduard Vorganov (KAT) s.t
21. Ben Swift (SKY) s.t
22. Denis Galimzyanov (KAT) s.t
23. Juan Jose Haedo (SAX) s.t
24. Thomas Leezer (RAB) s.t
25. Manuel Cardoso (FOT) s.t
26. Julian Dean (GRM) s.t
27. Andriy Grivko (AST) s.t
28. Stijn Vandenbergh (KAT) s.t
29. Markus Fothen (MRM) s.t
30. Wesley Sulzberger (FDJ) s.t

Final General Classification (Top 30)
1. Andre Greipel (THR) 18.47’05
2. Luis Leon Sanchez (GCE) +0.11
3. Greg Henderson (SKY) +0.15
4. Robbie McEwen (KAT) +0.17
5. Luke Roberts (MRM) s.t
6. Cadel Evans (BMC) +0.21
7. Eduard Vorganov (KAT) +0.25
8. Jurgen Roelandts (OTO) +0.26
9. Robbie Hunter (GRM) s.t
10. Markus Fothen (MRM) +0.27
11. Baden Cooke (SAX) +0.29
12. George Hincapie (BMC) s.t
13. Andriy Grivko (AST) s.t
14. Jurgen Van de Walle (QST) +0.30
15. Julian Dean (GRM) s.t
16. Martin Elmiger (ALM) s.t
17. Rene Mandri (ALM) s.t
18. Ivan Velasco (EUS) s.t
19. Alejandro Valverde (GCE) +0.32
20. Aitor Perez (FOT) +0.39
21. Wesley Sulzberger (FDJ) s.t
22. Jose Alberto Benitez (FOT) s.t
23. Jose Rojas (GCE) +0.46
24. Michael Rogers (THR) +0.58
25. Lance Armstrong (RSH) +1.03
26. Fabio Sabatini (LIQ) +1.24
” 27. Seguei Klimov (KAT) +1.27
28. GOrka Izagirre (EUS) +1.35
29. Peter Sagan (LIQ) +1.38
30. Peter McDonald (AUS) +1.47

Jayco Sprint Classification (Top 10)
1. Andre Greipel (THR) 24pts
2. Greg Henderson (SKY) 18pts
3. Robbie McEwen (KAT) 16pts
4. David Kemp (AUS) 16pts
5. Martin Kohler (BMC) 12pts
6. Mickael Delage (OTO) 12pts
7. Eduard Vorganov (KAT) 10pts
8. Valeriy Dmitriyev (AST) 10pts
9. Alejandro Valverde (GCE) 10pts
10. Thomas Rohregger (MRM) 8pts

Skoda King of The Mountains Classification (Top 10)
1. Thomas Rohregger (MRM) 62pts
2. Valeriy Dmitriyev (AST) 36pts
3. David Kemp (AUS) 28pts
4. Timothy Roe (AUS) 22pts
5. Alejandro Valverde (GCE) 16pts
6. Fabio Sabatini (LIQ) 16pts
7. Mikael Cherel (FDJ) 16pts
8. Mauro Finetto (LIQ) 14pts
9. Luis Leon Sanchez (GCE) 12pts
10. Luke Roberts (MRM) 12pts

Cycle Instead Young Rider Classification (Top 10)
1. Jurgen Roelandts (OTO) 18.47’31
2. Wesley Sulzberger (FDJ) +0.13
3. Jose Rojas (GCE) +0.20
4. Fabio Sabatini (LIQ) +0.58
5. Gorka Izagirre (EUS) +1.09
6. Peter Sagan (LIQ) +1.12
7. Cameron Meyer (GRM) +1.44
8. Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) +3.00
9. Arthur Vichot (FDJ) +3.10
10. Romain Sicard (EUS) +3.33

Brilliant Blend Teams Classification
1. Ag2r – La Mondiale (ALM) 56.22’45
2. Caisse d’Epargne (GCE) +0.02
3. Garmin – Transitions (GRM) +0.29
4. Team Katusha (KAT) +0.32
5. HTC Columbia (THR) +0.51
6. Team Radioshack (RSH) +0.56
7. Astana (AST) +0.58
8. Liquigas Doimo (LIQ) +1.08
9. Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) +1.40
10. Milram (MRM) +2.02
11. BMC Racing Team (BMC) +2.07
12. Footon-Servetto-Fuji +2.29
13. Euskaltel – Euskadi (EUS) +4.11
14. Team Sky (SKY) +4.24
15. Team Saxo Bank (SAX) +4.36
16. Uni-SA Australia (AUS) +5.15
17. Rabobank (RAB) +8.02
18. Omega Pharma – Lotto (OTO) +12.50
19. Quick Step (QST) +19.04



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