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Report a Pot-Hole

Corpus Christi is not only the “sparkling city by the sea”, but it’s also undoubtedly the most pot-hole ridden city in the most southern United States.   It would be interesting to get a city count on the number of pot-holes on every street.  I went out this afternoon and counted over 80 pot-holes just on … Continue reading

Wife of Dead Husband says he was driving Black Truck the day Barb Savell was struck on Bicycle

The Corpus Christi Police department got some new leads in the hit and run accident that severely injured Barbara Savell in July 2009.  Recently, the caller reported that a truck had been impounded matching the description of the truck that was involved in the hit and run accident.  Yesterday, the Corpus Christi Caller Times reports … Continue reading

The Motorist/Cyclist debate continues . . . Let Bicyclists Pay

In the caller times yesterday, Mr. Putnam’s letter to the editor sums up what I consider as the crux to our plight as cyclists: The anti-cycling mentality in Corpus Christi. Here is his letter reprinted in full: Let bicyclists pay (click here for the Caller Times link to letters) I’ve been reading the letters demanding … Continue reading

Majority of Ocean Drive Residents Oppose Bike Lane Parking Ban

Leave it to Corpus Christi to plan a meeting concerning the Ocean Drive bike lanes at 2:30 in the afternoon when most of us are at work. Of course, the majority of Ocean Drive residents are retired, so they were at the meeting in full force to oppose any bans on parking in the bike … Continue reading

Ocean Drive Bike Lanes in the News

I drove down Ocean Drive last week, and it was the worst ride I have ever experienced as a cyclist.  I came down Enis Joslin and hit Ocean Drive on my way back from the Naval Base Gate toward downtown.  As I rode, I encountered the usual bumpy chip seal, but that was least of … Continue reading

Stage 6 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

The last and final stage called the Adelaide Street Circuit measures about 90km and should produce a fast finish.  The last stage provides exceptional excitement for the spectators because the riders loop the course 20 times.  All eyes will be on Andre Greipel’.   If Andre Greipel’ can stick to the finishers and even outsprint them in … Continue reading

Stage 5 2010 Santor Tour Down Under

Stage 5 , 2010, runs from Snapper Point to Willunga with a distance of 148km and provides a historic point to the race. This stage is somewhat legendary, because it was 2 years ago that the Giant, Andre Greipel’ won this stage to win the overall points for the general win in 2008. In 2009, … Continue reading

Stage 4 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

This stage was won, yet again, by Team Columbias’ Andre Greipel’.  An impressive sprint at the finish to take the 4th stage win and 3 stage wins overall.  He also continues to maintain a slim lead in the overall standings and a more impressive lead in the sprint classification. The 4th stage from Norwood to Goolwa measured … Continue reading

Stage 3 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

Today’s 3rd stage was 133km and very undulating from Unley to Sterling.  Manuel Cordoso, the Portuguese national champion, had the most left in his legs as he powered down the last 250 meters from the finish to win stage 3. 131 riders started the race in Unley and things began to heat up quickly.  George Hincapie … Continue reading

Stage 2 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

The second stage of the Santos Tour Down Under is officially over, and not to spoil the moment, but it’s 2-wins in a row for ‘Andre the Giant’, of course we are referring to the big German, Andre’ Greipel.  This stage is 133KM in length.  Earlier in the race, 3 riders made an early break away … Continue reading

Stage 1 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

The first stage of the Santos Tour Down Under is underway and it proved to be an exciting finish indeed.  The first of six stages is now over.  132 riders began the race on a wonderfully sunny day in Australia.  The first stage is flat with a climb of Menglers hill near the end of the race stage.   … Continue reading

Corpus Christi cyclist’s accident gets new lead

There is a new lead on who may have hit Barb Sevell in July 2009. As you may recall, Barb Savell was badly injured in July 2009 after getting run-down on Ocean Drive. She sustined multiple fractures and internal injuries and was fortunate to have survived. The perpretrator did not stop and render aid. The … Continue reading

Jersey’s that make a statement-get yours today!

OK, I know we have a few of us who’ve always wanted to make a statement while on the road.  Well, here is your chance.  Go to Share the Damn Road dot com and give the no good honk nannies your what-for.  The jersey’s are well priced and affordable.  There are a variety of jersey’s … Continue reading

Team Radio Shack to Debut at Tour Down Under on Jan 19th

Lance Armstrong touches down in Australia today a week ahead of his team’s scheduled debut in the Tour Down Under.  Team Radio Shack will officially start the 2010 racing season at the Tour Down Under.  The tour begins on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 and will be televised on Versus.  It was 1 year ago that … Continue reading

Los Angeles doctor gets 5 years for injuring cyclists

A doctor convicted of assaulting two cyclists in Brentwood by driving in front of them and slamming on his brakes was sentenced today to five years in prison, ending a case a judge described as a wake-up call about tensions between cyclists and motorists on Los Angeles’ streets. Wearing dark blue jail scrubs, Christopher Thompson … Continue reading


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